The future of learning

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Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovakia

Education migrated online. Perhaps only a small percentage of people understand that they can study online on a level comparable to that offered by high schools and universities. Online courses and video lectures help people of any age to get educated in any particular area of a vast range of choices.


When deciding which lecture to opt for, there are mainly two categories to choose from – free and paid lectures. Obviously, paid lectures are more complex including functionalities such as sensing the algorithm of your keyboard when you type, hence verifying that it is actually you participating in the course. Additionally, you may be rewarded with a better statement of accomplishment.


The statement of accomplishment is a type of diploma issued after successfully completing a course, while `successful` stands for the required score achieved. Total score is decided by each professor and university holding the course.


Most courses split the total score to equally encompass discussion participation, forum posts, finished quizzes, exams and mostly video lectures as these play a crucial role. In addition to the above listed requirements, there is yet another rule of the grading scheme that defines the lowest score a course participant must obtain for each activity in order to earn the statement of accomplishment. There is still a bright side to all of this since the majority of courses offer more attempts on these tests. Each course led by a university professor has a pre-defined grading scheme and syllabus which offers details on weekly learnings. This provides you with an advantage and valuable information when picking the right course for you as you are able to calculate the average amount of studying hours needed, see the available languages, the entire course duration and also some background on the university offering the course and the professor leading it. Personally I have already successfully absolved several courses and I must say the group structure was highly diversified – I met participants of different ages and nationalities coming from various industries. Coursera and edX are examples of companies operating in the online education market and quite a number of universities providing these online courses are a part of the Ivy League.


I believe that this kind of learning and education around the world has a significant impact on a global scale. The courses offer a great value not only but also because of the statement of accomplishment which can come in handy. It can be used as a proof of an extracurricular activity when applying for a university or to demonstrate a particular skill in a given area when applying for a job. After all, adding the statement to your resume is also great way to show the experience acquired during the course.


In my opinion I think and believe that with all the technology available today and with all the technology that will be available later on, the idea of swapping a school classroom for a webcam and a notebook at home is becoming more than realistic. This might lead indeed to an interesting age of education, but it all depends on people and their choices, as it always does. Online courses can be a solid part of domestic schooling and this could reconfigure the whole education system. They may be just the start of a new education system type which is still in diapers.


Filip Orth



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