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Meizu has potential to reach B2B


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

Meizu is a new player on the Slovak mobile phone market although it represents an established brand with devoted supporters on a global scale. Undoubtedly, its affordability but especially the sophistication and attention to detail are driving forces behind the success of this brand mash-up.


Although the term ‘brand mash-up’ may sound somehow inappropriate, it is indeed accurate. Meizu products incorporate technologies from leading electronics and components manufacturers. MX4 is the result of several months of continuous research and development conducted by Meizu teamed up with product partners GO, Sharp, Sony and Mediatek. Meizu MX4 is a great smartphone with a level of technological advancement that competes with long-established brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony and even Apple.



This device catches your attention at a first glance. A solid body combined with elegant looks is based on an almost universal design that prefers overall simplicity with elaborate details. The monolithic aluminum body is durable, long-lasting, valuable and very easy. Additionally, it enables change of color. The phone is sold in gray, silver and gold finish. In spite of possibly resembling the popular Apple iPhone 6 we cannot claim Meizu was inspired by this brand. MX4 design is ideal for everyday use and eliminates the possibility of cover damage.

An interesting feature is certainly the display itself, occupying 75 % of the front surface. It does not stand out on photographs but you will be pleasantly surprised about its screen size when holding the device in your hands. The screen almost appears to be larger than the phone itself. 5.36 inches ISP-LCD-type panel with LED backlight module and FullHD + resolution (1920×1152 pixels) offers enough room for productive use or multimedia fun.




High-performance is particularly important to business users. Creative agencies, programmers, designers, freelancers and company managers – they all require high performance, plenty of memory and a smoothly running operating system and applications. Meizu offers all this as standard while retaining a significant chunk of power as a reserve. 8-core processor (4 x 2.2 GHz + 4 x 1.7 GHz), 4 GB RAM and optional storage capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB enable the Flyme OS Android to operate smoothly. These are quite impressive capacities. The PowerVR graphics accelerator is a guarantee that your smartphone will run demanding 3D applications without any issues.

Snapshot fans and professionals with a round-the-clock need for a camera will enjoy the new MX4. The main rear camera is from Sony and it is equipped with a progressive CMOS sensor IMX220 XMOR with a resolution of more than 20 megapixels. Other appealing factors include an aperture of F2.2, fast autofocus within 0.3 seconds and videos recorded in 4K format. Webcam on the front is Sony branded as well and has a resolution of 2 megapixels.

On top of all this, Meizu is trying to win its European consumers with an impressive uptime. The 8-core processor employs only those cores that are actually required by the current application, so no part of this device works inefficiently. The built-in battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh is able to sustain your device in standby mode for almost a week and for two to three days when in active use.

Meizu seems to have an outstanding potential to change the Slovak smartphone market even though it entered the Slovak scene only towards the end of last year.


Erik Stríž


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