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UAVONIC, a company offering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) designated for hobbyists and professionals was founded in 2014 under the startup studio Launcher. The company’s vision was clear – to bring technologies that will streamline business operations and deliver better results than previously common practices to Slovak and central European markets. The company is now well set-up and initial assumptions to have the potential to reach wider audiences than just the Slovak one are being confirmed.



UAVONIC opened its first subsidiary in the UK this very year where it has all necessary licenses for aerial work and is now working on launching a subsidiary for the German-speaking countries.

Spissky hrad by FIlip Kulisev


Photo and video

UAVONIC got established on the market mainly with services accessible to wider public – aerial photo and video. After a few months after launch UAVONIC captured the winter beauty of Slovakia with Filip Kulisev. These images made it into a book that the Slovak president Andrej Kiska gave to Pope Francis a few months ago. This cooperation was developed further and more photographs were taken that were later exposed at the monothematic exhibition dedicated to Slovakia in Monte Carlo in September. The company uses equipment that can take basically any image recording technology up in the air, from basic SLR cameras to film cameras designed for large productions.


Mapping and 3D models

UAVONIC moved quickly from simple shots to industrial application of these images and prepared the ground for 2D orthophoto map creation. The road from 2D to 3D was even shorter and extra services opened up new space for data that would otherwise be collected rather painstakingly. UAVONIC has created multiple 3D models of various objects in recent months, such as one historic building in Albania and various development projects.

inspekcne prace pole


Measuring the volume of formless data

Thanks to mastering 3D space modeling technology UAVONIC began to process acquired data and it expanded its range of services by measuring formless objects. M. Melicherčík, the CEO of UAVONIC explains this practical application: “Today it is much easier to calculate how much soil is needed to align the surface before construction, how much building material has been delivered or how much wood is consumed by an industrial company per month.” The measurement of formless objects has become more efficient with the help of drones and saves budget that can be invested elsewhere.


Multispectral analysis

Another spectrum of application is offered by using various sensors. The multispectral analysis is currently very interesting for farmers and foresters.

Without the need to walk throughout an entire area, UAV equipment with appropriate sensors scans the selected field, checks the condition of crops and checks if they have enough water or fertilizer. UAVONIC is currently working on a project for winemakers. In addition to checking crop maturity, various other vegetation indices, water stress or nitrogen fertilizer levels can be checked.

zaber pola


UAVONIC is not only a service provider, but also a distributor of UAV equipment for central Europe and Great Britain.

These are hobby drones which are reliable and easy to use, so even a total novice does not need to be afraid to take off. On the other hand, we offer professional equipment with redundant systems (autopilot, control unit) and a parachute, which is a unique parameter in this sector. We actively engage as founding members of the Slovak Association for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Systems (UAVAS) and cooperate with traffic authorities in terms of legislation,” Miroslav Melicherčík explains.


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