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The future of screens lies in flexibility


 This year’s new arrivals from Samsung and LG Electronics indicate the trend of display solutions in near future. Main topics are energy efficiency, low cost production, high resolution and elasticity.

flexibilita2   Elastic screens aren’t a brand new topic, but it is only now we can speak of an emerging trend and a really high picture quality. Large electronics manufacturers have been facing demand for higher picture quality of standard flat screens and only recently succeeded to meet the highest client requirements in form of Super AMOLED, IPS LCD and P-OLED technologies.

   Today there are many types of elastic color screens but only one is truly flexible. The solution Samsung used in its Galaxy Round is round, but not elastic. The famous e-paper is elastic, but black and white. Only LG Electronics launched a fully elastic, energetically efficient and shock proof color screen in the 6 inch G Flex smartphone.

   You can sit on this curved smartphone and straighten it back without causing any damage thanks to progressive synthetic materials used for protection of the active screen area and the technology itself that provides certain flexibility.

   Ondřej Oubrecht, key account manager of LG Electronics is convinced that elastic screens have a bright future not only in the mobile phone industry with its end users, but will also benefit companies and cities. „We face a huge demand for these screens across many markets and designer brands“, he states. „Elastic screens on street lights, for example, are our future. The return on investment in street lightning will be much quicker due to the advertising space it provides,“ he continues, and adds at the same time that an upcoming trend of use and development of elastic screens won’t be a short term affair as in case of 3D screens.

   Following development and production cost cutting for elastic and/ or curved displays will concern a wide spectrum of various industries that were considered sci-fi only until recently.

   Step by step, lightweight, elastic, durable and energetically efficient designs will be introduced that are also suitable for advertising or as an addition to print for food and other product packaging.

   Smaller elastic (or at least curved) screens have also considerable potential in gaming and virtual reality industries. Facebook made the worldwide headlines only days before our copy date when it acquired Oculus, a company specialized in virtual reality headset engineering for staggering two billion dollars. Elastic screens could be a big jump forward for the very same VR headsets.

   Elastic screens and companies dealing in their engineering and production could turn into lucrative investment opportunities, as it was the case with technology corporations and star-ups for many years, since this trend isn’t likely to change its direction in the coming years.


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