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Your children shape the future of theatre in Slovakia

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The well-known American columnist Lois Wyse once said: “Children are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”

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In an age full of top technology – which is slowly but surely replacing a natural view of the world, imparting the love for culture to our kids becomes a truly difficult task. For the 21st century kids, culture turned into an alliance of computer games, 3D animated fairy tales and films that often go beyond bearable limits of their souls. Knowing that these children form the new generation; a generation that will shape the world, the question arises – what will such a future actually look like?

And it is in these culturally dark, dark times where we can find teachers and students who consider theatre their sanctuary. The theatre is a place where they can materialise all the words that they so diligently memorized during literature lessons. It is the place where they can listen to beautiful melodies brought to life by composers they studied in music lessons. A place that creates an entirely new world full of imagination, motivation and above all – inspiration.

Pupils regularly visit the Slovak National Theatre as part of their curriculum. Experiences from theatre plays are emblazoned in their souls. These very same kids grow into future actors, singers, playwrights, directors and especially loyal audiences.

“I really liked the feeling when I entered the opera hall … I was blown away when I heard and saw the vocal soloists. To hear a live orchestra is also an unforgettable experience, something amazing!” wrote Andrej Ohrablo, 8th grade primary school pupil from Zavar after his visit to the Slovak National Theatre. “For the first time in my life I saw an opera, it was great. The entire performance was wonderful and I was surprised how much can someone do with his voice”, 3rd grade high school pupil Lenka Stúpalová describes her experience.

And they aren’t the only ones. Words of appreciation from the little ones are received on a daily basis. Words of gratitude and enthusiasm come from the smallest ones. These happy and touching experiences of young audiences create hope that theatre will survive. Any parent who wants his child to grow up into a fully-fledged adult takes note of the fact that without cultural background this is impossible. Let us think about the role of culture in the lives of our children. Let us think if we still care about them turning into adults who care not only about their appearances but also about their souls which feed on beauty, goodness and love, and thereby art.


Do not forget

The Slovak National Theatre provides a truly rich program for children. Within the dramatic repertoire alone, you will get the chance to enjoy the upcoming musical fairy tale for the youngest audiences Mechúrik- Koščúrik (26th September, 6th October and 31st October 2015) or the fairy tale by Ľubomír Feldek How the woodcutter became king (30th September and 10th October).

October). The Slovak National Theatre Opera offers a novelty in the form of a children’s opera named Figaro here, Figaro there with Martin Vanek as a host (12th September, 22nd September; 9th, 22nd and 10th October 2015) and an opera for children The Great Doctor’s Tale (16th and 19th April 2016). Additionally, the particularly successful children’s opera performance named The Magic Flute and Other Spells can be seen on the SND stage as soon as October 24th and November 3rd 2015 in the new SND building. The Slovak National Theatre Ballet presents a popular dance musical by Vaclav Patejdl and Libor Vaculík called Snow White and the Seven Racers (27th and 31st March 2016).

Tickets can be bought online at www. snd.sk or from our Box offices. Should you prefer to make a booking, please call +421 2204 72289 or reach out via e-mail to rezervacie@snd.sk.




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