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The Wolf of Wall Street and his TAG Heuer


 vlk3Notoriously unsuccessful Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys the time of his life in spite of the absence of a gilded Oscar in his living room. His most recent movie Wolf of Wall Street belongs to his best, but also most controversial movies.

   A symphony of acting in the world of big business, drug parties, wealth and loose morals is based on a real story. Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is one of the most successful and intriguing yet most controversial movies. Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer the romantic boy he has been since 1997 thanks to Titanic.

   Jordan Belfort portrayed by DiCaprio was known for his exquisite taste in luxury accessories in the times of his greatest lifetime achievements. He had a weakness for watches and Rolex became his favorite brand. This caused conflicting interests and posed an interesting paradox with Jordan Belfort and his passion for Rolex on one hand and Leonardo DiCaprio as the ambassador for TAG Heuer on the other. For a while it seemed that had Rolex won the case but the main character wore TAG Heuer in the end.

   vlk2TAG Heuer watches made a couple of appearances in the movie and in one spectacular scene in particular. Only TAG Heuer fans and experts can identify individual models because these share many similar features with Rolex. The real Jordan Belfort was the owner of Rolex GMT Master model in gold; DiCaprio was wearing TAG Heuer Series 1000 in turns on his left and right wrist. The similarity of the two models is striking.

   Scenes depicting the watch in an unobtrusive way and the obviously slow detail of it being thrown into the crowd belong to iconic movie scenes and to hall of fame of product placement. At the same time the producers have kept their audience in mind and don’t try to squeeze in too brands as we can see it being done in other big budget movies.

   Besides the previously mentioned TAG Heuer Series 1000 also watches from the Rolex family appeared on the screen, to be precise models Submariners, Daytona and IWC Pilot. Among others TAG Heuer provided the unique contemporary model TAG Heuer 2000 WN5141 and 6000 series (90s) and 3000 series (80s).

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