UnitedLife 06

What are we made of


Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovakia

Energy or soul? What is it? What is that “it”? We may start philosophizing about the name of the inner part of our consciousness. The main point though is the fact that it is definitely something that affects us as well as we affect it, it lives simultaneously.

Perhaps someone approaches life morally, with kindness. That individual may not even know about it and he takes his good attitude for granted. Later on, as life goes on, he gets connected to all sorts of events and situations that occur to him as luck or as accident with no obvious pattern. This individual will not perceive his luck as some reward or think that life only reflects his attitude if he doesn’t know about the law of resonance. The way he lives affects his environment, spreads this kind of attitude and allows other people to change from negative to positive. If you expect the best out of life and people around, if you see it as a norm, people will follow and constantly align themselves to that image.

Well, each person on this planet is here for a reason and each one is unique – that much is true. Because each and every person on Earth is there on a mission, to finish or solve something; and nothing happens by coincidence. We call coincidence what we create and attract with our attitudes, with what and how we do in life.

Of course you will find people who do evil. However, there is generally a balance between people. There are those who think and act well and create a positive environment around themselves which allows them to influence their surroundings. All of this is of course directed by our conscious brain but many actions are inspired by our soul. A man’s soul, even if socially conditioned after some time, has its own energy and therefore you can transform from good to bad but also vice versa.

Constant self-improvement and positive attitude is beneficial as I mentioned before. This manifests in the form of fortunate events that occur, triggered by a healthy attitude to life and a different view overall. Take a person with no drive or perhaps only a minimal one as an example. This does not need to be bad, but such way of living changes a person to being very settled, not wanting to reach more. When a person has motivation and goals to achieve and to look forward to constantly, he is usually content and successful. Even before achieving one goal, set another one. Because this leads to your improvement. Once you look back, you would not even notice how you changed over time, and all you needed was setting goals and priorities, including a loving attitude towards life.


So the key is to set goals and be motivated constantly, and by being motivated I do not mean materialistically but also spiritually. Conformity has always been and always will be damping the evolution of humankind. Some people tend to conform and it is not bad. However people that do want to improve and achieve something great should entirely erase their conformity habits. All the great master minds throughout history as well as today did not and do not conform, as well as they work in a positive way. They think well and do well, including people that push the evolution of others forward who are not aware of it. So erasing conformity and replacing it with some meaningful goals is essential to keep walking your path.


Filip Orth


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