The ability to adapt


Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovakia

Changes occur every day, and since they do occur on a frequent basis, we have to be able to adapt, adapt to changes. Isn’t that the key ability for a person to master in life? Well, it definitely is, and especially in today’s world. Why?


There are just so many changes happening in the world and they often happen at a staggering speed, which people do not even realize. Those who don’t adapt to change usually stay behind and are often being stepped upon, because others, who do adapt, go further.

Adapting to change does not entirely mean that you will live with this change, but this kind of attitude opens doors. The key is to be prepared and open to changes. It opens doors, because this ability is crucial as there are so many things that occur unexpectedly throughout the day. A person who will not adapt will just be overwhelmed with all sorts of problems and things that will come at the end of the day, anyway.

It is just a matter of time, the key in this is the decisionmaking. Whether I want to make a change or not, however this time makes a huge role in this, of course. What will happen most importantly is the fact that a person who is not able to adapt lacks this process in which he moves forward. He is not able to be better, because there will always be challenges where this person has to adapt. It is the key to master something. In our world, we have innovations, technologies that push us forward. Being able to adapt is similar to this example. Since every day there is something that is new, something unexpected, something that leads us to a change and this is the adaptation. If we are able to progress in our system in terms of technologies which lead our human race further, we have to be able to adapt ourselves as well.

Ilustračná fotografia, adaptácia.

Adaptation – Illustrative photo

There are a gazillion of examples on how people or things which did not adapt to occurring trends or some system just ended or were in some way pushed aside. In terms of things, we could say perhaps a technological advancement in which a company either did not want to take the risk to adapt or make that change. Perhaps they thought that it will not change and so they did not make that step. Perhaps the same way as it happened with Nokia or Kodak. That is the ability to change or to make progress, usually this is the crucial point at which humongous companies which no one would ever tell just disappear or slowly fade away as they do not transition into a new phase – they do not create a change nor adapt it.

Even though sometimes those changes are created, society and human race may not be prepared or it may not be the right moment. That is the problem. Changes happen at every single moment, yet it all comes down to us if and how quickly we spot them. When it comes to people, there is usually the scenario of a person in a company, which is progressing. However the person is unable to adapt to certain changes going on in the firm and ultimately he is either at the edge of leaving or he gets fired. Changes even predetermine our future steps. Simple changes which we are familiar with. An example is the meteorite that hit Earth and made dinosaurs go extinct. Similar occurrence made Earth to be split into Earth and Moon – the same Moon which is the reason we have high and low tides in the ocean. Changes like the Ice Age which caused harsh times that endangered and even made a lot of species extinct however brought a new age to new things. See, the thing is that changes happen at all times, it is just a matter of what will they cause and what will they bring.

Changes can be positive but also negative. A crucial thing to say about this – it is also important to know and decide whether the change you are going to make or adapt to is worth it. Changes are not always the best way, but if they are made for something beneficial, it is essential to adapt and make those changes at least for own good your and your surroundings. By stating the pros and cons about the ability to adapt, I do not intend to say to be conforming or to go with the masses. Because people are also able to create those changes; well that is why we adapt to some changes, because those changes are also made by people. It is only our choice whether we create these changes, whether we adapt to them or we just leave them behind and do not bother. The ability to adapt to a change could also be a factor by which we decide and it sure is also when we create them.



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