Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovakia

We go through a lot during our lives. Huge number of things affects us every day, positively or negatively, but we mostly notice only a fraction of it. As we age we are more likely to notice broader connections that we might not have been able to see in childhood, but in the same time we lose sight of details we did possess as children. We notice our surroundings, but miss the details. Only at the end of the day we might realize that life is comprised of details, that they form its foundation. Often it is these small things that play the key part. They have a role in our life and they happen for a reason.

I do believe that many things, more or less important, happen because they are meant to happen, they are somehow given to us. Although we should not change our attitudes to life because of them, our ambitions or goals. Everything stands on our decision, although it is easily possible that our main direction does not change, we are only choosing side roads that will influence our ultimate trajectory only marginally. Our journey is determined by multiple factors, the genes, our upbringing and others. This journey is predetermined, but we can only identify it by getting to know ourselves. What do we enjoy, what do we like, what our hobbies are, these are some key aspects that make us and that in the end influence our journey. Our journey, our life is comprised of who we are, but we are developing and affecting it in the same time. The journey can change in many cases, but similarly to a human being, it does not change in its essence. Naturally, we have our particular values, priorities, our perspective of life. Even when we are aware of a certain direction in our life, it is appropriate to hold on to all our goals, ambitions and dreams, because even what is given can easily change, for better or worse. Or, in other words, someone “gets” a talent and develops it; another person does not develop it and finally, someone without distinct gifts who has worked on themselves gets to a position no one would ever foresee for them.

There are synergies in our lives, too. Synergies are often very natural and we can seek them out, and often they can seem “random”. There is a reason for them appearing in our lives at certain moments – again, it links with where the person is going and what they are thinking about, because that moves them forward in the end and that is the way they live. We are what we think.


Many times we say to ourselves ‘oh, this XY connection is so interesting’. This connection, or synergy, has not appeared by chance, though. Of course, it can seem like that from a short-term perspective. If we look at the bigger picture, the synergy came in connection with certain links from our life in that moment. Also, as a person I primarily notice things with some connections to me, aspects that concern me; I view things through regard for myself.


We perceive synergies, they do exist, although we ignore them many times, whether quite naturally or because of a rational reason, and we do not read what they want to “tell” us, what is their reason for popping up. If we pay attention more closely to details and to what is happening around us we might be very surprised and it can help us to understand ourselves as human beings.



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