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The successful golf year in Skalica


Skalica is the city known not only in Slovakia, but far beyond its frontiers as well. It gains an admiration thanks to its wines, delicious Skalica’s „trdelník“, rich history and valuable historical relies too. Personally, I am convinced that it wins its favour also thanks to atmosphere, hospitality and wide range of activities which can a tourist try in Skalica. And just three years ago the golf was added to the city offer of the freetime activities.

   For those who have not been in Skalica yet and they are going to, but also for those who have never heard about course – Skalica is the first city golf area in Slovakia with the full value infrastructure of 18-holes course. It is situated to vineyard part of the free royal city Skalica. The course in Skalica offers the best training surfaces in the country to golf players, a pleasant familiar atmosphere, beautiful views of Skalica’s vineyards and of course the top prepared course which is a challenge for all not only age but also handicap categories. Because we are in last third of this year, I think it is the right time for resume and evaluation of slowly ending season 2013.

   From my home player and player with the plus handicap viewpoint, the season in Skalica was different from the previous one. The first reason for this claim is the quality of course. Greens had not only during tournaments but also during the season the stable 9 feet, what I appreciated mainly by the preparation for valuable foreign tournaments. My second reason was the decision and following realization of the water borehole. All golf players who played in Skalica in summer of last year and found the way here this summer too have to admit that it was an incomparable difference. Third reason for my audacious claim are the roughs. The decision to keep them grow was from my point of view one of the best which was possible to make. Not only the course got new contoures thanks to them but also it became much more attractive for the play. Even the player on the tee himself is realizing that it is not enough to only stand up, drive and „I will find it somewhere“. He has to think more about it, to play tactic, choose different clubs and even probably change the strategy of play compared with last season.

   The course in Skalica has organized a lot of commercial tournaments this year. It was an organizer of Slovak Championship for juniors, Slovak Championship for seniors, association tournaments and it hosted a tournament of a prestige tour PilsnerUrquell Czech PGA Tour, in which besides the professionals from whole Europe also the Slovak amateur players could take part.

   GOLF11However, our course was preparing all year for the tournament under the auspices of European golf association EGA, European Boy’s Challenge Trophy 2013. Eleven countries took part in the tournament including Slovakia and the best three players won a reservation ticket for next year’s European boy’s championship under 18 years. I participated in this tournament as a referee and for one day as a starter. Personally, I find this tournament very interesting and huge experience.

    For the first time I did not take part in tournament as a player but as a part of organizing team. The whole tournament proceeded in a calm atmosphere and also in spite of lower temperatures the weather was nice, course was in top condition and everything proceeded with any problems. Not only the players but also the captains of teams agreed with me, that the tournament was beyond the expectations and they all were very satisfied.

   The whole greenkeeper team of Vojtech Mrňa, referees at the head of the main referee Ján Pečo II., whole team of Golf Resort Skalica and mainly every one volunteer who decided to come and help in his freetime, they all are responsible for the success of the whole team.

   Next year one of the biggest challenges which has been ever hosted in Slovakia is waiting for the Golf Resort Skalica – organization of Team European Championship of girls under 18. Therefore I wish to Golf Resort Skalica many great tournaments, successful golf players and even better season than this one.

Katarína Chovancová
Foto: archív Golf Resort Skalica

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