Running is all about lifestyle and pushing your limits

Salzburg Marathon 2014 (credits:

Almost everyone who likes sports and lives in our hectic time finds out sooner or later that he needs a suitable physical activity to compensate for personal and professional stress. Walking is the most natural activity to humans and jogging is the most effective way how to become positively addicted to endorphins.


Jana Obernauer
(43) | Bratislava | CEO RUNTOUR, s.r.o., Obehni Svet


Regardless of how long you have been a runner you will probably still recall the first time when you realized you got the so called ˈrestless sneakers syndromeˈ. You suddenly become aware of your passion for running and want to share this amazing feeling with other ˈrun freaksˈ with every kilometer you have passed, each hill you have overcome and each pair of sneakers you have worn down. You crave for more adrenaline since running alone on your favourite track, cleaning your mind and improving your body somehow isn’t enough anymore.

Running club memberships, group trainings and first real races are incredibly motivating. Devin – Bratislava National Running Race is traditionally a baptism of fire for most beginners. An easy, yet twelve kilometers long trail and energized atmosphere will enchant most recreational runners. Occasional races turn into a tradition and since appetite grows by eating, you might find yourself registering at any available running races and city runs before you know it. Step by step your trails gradually expand from 10 km to a half marathon or you succumb to the charms of team runs and participate in a marathon with a relay team. You are now de facto a marathon runner, albeit only as a part of a team.

Salzburg Marathon 2014 (credits:

Salzburg Marathon 2014 (credits:

City jogs on the same old asphalt trails lose their charm over time and you think of discovering the beauties of Slovakia as a cross-country runner. If you soon after notice an ad for the relay race ˈTatras to Danubeˈ, have a team spirit and find yourself in a good shape, you don’t need long to decide – now you are under the spell of team extreme running.

Many runners discover the magical cross-country trails spreading from Low Tatras through Šturec, Donovaly, Banska Bystrica, Pohronie, Tekov and Žitný Ostrov to the Danube embankment in Bratislava. Having finished such a run with a feeling of sheer exhaustion and excitement is hugely satisfying. What could possibly exceed such a kick?

Try your next run in the neighboring Czech Republic, where the running tradition smoothly transitioned to a running renaissance. Of course, for most proficient marathon runners, trophies from the world’s major marathons, the big six – New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo – are the greatest motivation.

You do not have to travel that far for a marathon trophy and unusual experiences. Neighboring Austria offers a similar combination of quality urban marathons with a hallmark of historical and cultural uniqueness whether you decide for Vienna, Salzburg or Graz. The Alps are equally attractive to skiers as well as recreational runners. Cross-country runners will find trails with steep altitudes and breathtaking mountain panoramas in Tyrolean or Bavarian Alps.
If you don’t want to miss out the view and mountain scenery but you aren’t exactly a fan of running uphill, minor cross-country runs around mountain lakes could be the answer.

No matter how and where you are testing and reaching your limits as a recreational runner, running should always be primarily a pleasure and social experience.

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