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UnitedLife 06

More stripes – more Adidas


Martin Viktory
Multibrand, s.r.o.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Fakes. They are all around us. Nowadays everything is being faked – clothes, perfumes, medication, even cars and of course, watches. An image of the times we live in or put differently, where there is demand, there will also be supply. After all, which woman would not want a Dior handbag and which man does not desire a Rolex?


However, these almost-genuine handbags or brand luxury watches of dubious quality are usually recognized at a first glance. Usually, the dubious person wearing them is recognizable as well. It is not my intention to insult any profession, I do appreciate all meaningful work. Yet a Rolex on a hand holding a pickax would not look particularly suitable.

But let us leave fakes being fakes. Today I would like to draw attention to much more sophisticated dealers, offering cheap luxury. Is it indeed quality and luxury they offer? This is rather common practice which in the meantime has spread into several industries but it is found especially in relation to consumer goods where a brand features another added value along quality – the image of oneself.

So what is it all about? While browsing you come across lavishly appearing watchmakers that no one knows. And how does this fishy business strategy work? You produce good looking watches with a touch of luxury. These watches have so many functions that even proper watchmakers woud not be ashamed for, but their functionality is more than questionable. Are you wondering how they convince someone to buy such a junk?

Well, first you notice a well-sounding name, which may be similar to some of the Swiss brands. Then comes the most important part – the official website offering lovely watches for thousands of dollars. Then you move to next stage. You launch a preplanned functional web page to all auction sites worldwide and offer your product as if on sale for a few hundred dollars. As soon as the potential customer sees that the watch of his desire normally costs multiple amounts, he goes for it fairly easily. One could say that these are virtual wannabe luxury brands. They are not fakes but we call them similarly as we used to call those sneakers with four or more stripes – “more Adidas”.


TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01


Editor`s choice

New case, new construction, new design and new clockwork – that is TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01, tailor-made for lovers of sophisticated clockworks and admirers of fine mechanics. All key components that move the chronograph pointers are visible from all sides thanks to a transparent skeleton structure. Most important parts such as rotor, balance wheel or manifold have different colors – black, red and golden – which allows them to stand out even among other steel components.

The Calibre Heuer 01 clockwork stems from the TAG Heuer in-house production. That means it is produced exclusively in TAG Heuer workshops and the company has full control over the quality of all components. Lenses are sapphire, the rest of the case is made from steel with a layer of titanium carbide and the strap is made from rubber. This very combination of materials ensures high resistance and user comfort of this successful model. We thank TAG Heuer Boutique Bratislava Eurovea for providing this issue`s choice.


Martin Viktory


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