UnitedLife 02

Caves, white Rum, James Bond and Puerto Rico girls



   The Caribbean island Puerto Rico is known also as Porto Rico, in translation „rich port“. However, local people call it „La Isla del Encanto“, what means „the island of enchantment“. Each visitor understands why do the local people declare their island as the island of enchantment. The variousness of pure nature, luxury hotels but also the simple lifestyle of local inhabitants are connected here. I visited this not very big island with the area of only less than 12,000 m² shortly during my Caribbean voyage.

   We are setting out for with the lent car from the capital city San Juan on the south-east to the west of the island. Even before an entry to the inland, we are stopping on the outskirts of the city in an allegedly world’s biggest Bacardi distillery. The Bacardi family moved the production of the world-wide famous rum from Cuba here after the Castro’s upheaval in 1960’s. The scent of rum and vanilla is spreading up behind the fence of a huge area with an own port. We are considering the visit of the distillery which is possible to take with guides, however, we are going further to the west of the island.

   Not far from the city Arecibo, in the hilly country between the hills, there is the world’s biggest radiotelescope in the hollow of the burnt out crater, with the diameter of 305 metres and the surface which is equivalent to the area of 26 football fields. The radiotelescope is connected to the research of distant universe, extra-terrestrial civilizations and also to Pierce Brosnan alias James Bond from the film Golden Eye.

   After visit of observatory we are moving more to inland to the next „top“ of the island Puerto Rico – the third biggest cave complex in the world. In the park Rio Camuy there are 220 caves and several abysses. The biggest of them, Tres Pueblos, has a diameter of one kilometre and depth of 120 metres. Because of the momentary floods it is not possible to go inside the caves, so at least we observe the abyss. We are going back to refresh on the beach Isla Verde – allegedly the nicest on the island.

   The beach with width about hundred metres stretches in the length of several kilometres, directly in the capital city. There is everything what a demanding visitor and also resting adventurer expect from the well-known destination – hotels, bars, restaurants. Probably the only what is missing here are the beautiful Puerto Rico girls. In the disharmony with the general concept of dark slim blackhair beauties, the most of local „beauties“ are relatively obese and not pretty.

   After sea bathing there is a time left so we are going to reservation El Yunque. Again, as many other beauties of this island, also El Yunque is exceptional. It is the only rainforest in the USA and the journey from the beach of capital city takes only 45 minutes by car. Cloudy sky and coming evening give to the jungle, which is accessible by asphalt road, a mysterious character. From the bends there is from time to time a beautiful view of the uneven coast. We are passing by several waterfalls, jungle which is full of ferns with the size of our oaks, bamboo with the height of electric posts and plants which we grow as house plants reach here an unbelievable size of trees. It is beautiful here, but the ship will not wait for us, we have to go back. We have to board for a voyage to the other beautiful islands of Caribbean…


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