Is Helping Others Commonplace?

zdratovní klauni v Hrani

Juraj Šulhaň
AVIS Sales Director
Bratislava, Slovakia

People focus more on themselves and pay less attention to their environment. We live in a social-media bubble that give us, artificially, the feeling of being in touch with our loved ones, friends and acquaintances. In reality we are much further away from each other. It is important, in this age of hurry, not to forget those who really need our help.


We can help by making someone’s day more agreeable and bring smile to their lips, or we can also help by a financial gift or contribution. There are many forms, but not as many people who help. But we can still find a small group of exceptional people who dedicate their own leisure time to those who were less fortunate. They deserve our huge admiration. Their motto in life is to help and bring joy to others. It is an exceptional quality that you have to have in yourself. The same goes for businesses. Helping unselfishly has to be an inherent part of a company’s culture.

The idea of helping others is usually incorporated in the company’s inner policy. It applies to everyone across the hierarchical structure, up to top management. Everyone has to be aware of the company’s direction outside their commercial activities. Companies therefore choose employees who are willing to help and share the corporate philosophy.

It is appropriate to note here that the global economy hit a strong crisis in 2008, consequences of which are not completely eliminated even 8 years later. Recession did not steer away from Slovakia either – production decreased significantly, turnovers fell and saving began. This considerably affected present attitude of businesses in our society. After sobering up, we have a natural selection of companies that are helping even today; and they do it more from the heart than just to improve their image.



Campaing “Nezastaviteľní (Unstoppable)” by BIRELL

Our company is constantly being approached by many citizens’ associations and non-profits that want to help and spread the good. What is important for us, is that this unselfish help really gets to people who need it. We are happy that we are finding time for others and we are by all means trying to accommodate as many requests as possible that come to us, but we are not always able to help.

Our goal is to work with organizations honest with their help and, however paradoxically this may sound, that do not help for their own profit. It is sad when the ‘skillful’ ones are able to recast sponsors’ donations into their own business even from non-profit activities.

Among projects we honor and are happy to participate in are Clowndoctors from Red Noses association (Červený nos) or The Unstoppables (Nezastaviteľní). Their missions are similar, but to be more effective they focus on different groups. Clowndoctors from Red Noses bring peace of mind to patients in hospitals, mainly children and seniors. Through humor they are trying to distract them from fear, tension and anxiety from treatment and separation from the loved ones. The Unstoppables project is helping people with handicaps return to active life. Their activities cover the whole area of Slovakia and the Czech Republic. For each one of us who passes under their advertising gate, The Unstoppables will get a financial contribution towards realization of their dream.

In AVIS we aim to provide these helpers carefree and reliable mobility, so that they can bring their activities wherever they are needed.

We thank them for what they do and how they do it! Our company’s message says it all:
“In AVIS, people are and will always be first.”


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