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UnitedLife 05

Where does success stem from?

kde prameni uspech

Vladimír Orth
United Group, s.r.o. ׀ founder & CEO
Bratislava, Slovakia

If asked, everyone will tell you they want to be successful. Is it really that simple? People are characterized mainly by their diversity; each of us has certain predispositions that vary. Some appreciate the arts, some prefer manual labor. If we however put these typical behavioral differences aside, we stumble upon other interesting dissimilarities.

An essential moment of understanding oneself lies in the acknowledgement of these differences and the decision how to put them to use. This leads us to the main point which is very important in our lives if we intend to be successful. Success is the achievement of pre-set objectives. It can be any kind of achievement we have set our mind on and implemented. Being successful doesn’t equal being rich, although one does not exclude the other and it appears that in today’s society, wealth is the only measure of success. Successful people live longer because they reach certain harmony between how they want to live and how they actually live. A successful man is like a magnet for others who often tend to imitate him, try copying his behavior and his success. Who are the people who do not succeed and why is it so? Lack of a core goal and concentration are often basic prerequisites for failure, oscillating among countless activities and diluting the focus on the core goal.

Admiration for successful people often stems from their different perspective on things and situations around us. Recognizing a successful person is not so difficult, even in a crowd. When you observe people around you, they are easily identified as they stand out. They are focused on their goal; you notice pure joy of creating in their eyes and they usually look like fools. However, this is only because the majority does not understand why they do what they do. Successful people quickly recognize their own kind and this is also true of those who only pretend to be what they are not. People around will find out quite quickly.

Truly successful people can be identified by their desire to help others, help their community and improve their surrounding living space. More often than not these aren’t the people shown by mainstream media, but those who don’t advertise themselves big time and yet they are achieving and benefiting the society. Ambition can be a genetic inheritance or it can be taught at home or in schools. This implies the possibility to work on oneself and change the innate dispositions. At the beginning, take it step by step with minor exercises, repeating them daily and then add more. The only condition for change is the desire to do so. Goals can be set at work, at home, in sports, you choose. Ambition together with endurance is the keystone to any achievement you set your mind to.


Vladimír Orth


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