UnitedLife 05

TIME as the most valuable commodity


Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovakia

Isn’t time what everyone wants, but yet desperately cannot gain? Well, for a human being time can be the most valuable commodity on planet Earth. Unlike adults, most young people don’t perceive it this way since people of young age tend to have much more free time at their hands than adults. However the truth is that time is very scarce and no one knows his share beforehand.


Time is an unpredictable and still such a basic premise in life. Only a small percentage of people think about how lucky they are to have a life and time to live. Surrounded by all the chores and stress of modern world, many of us probably don’t spend thinking long, forming our worldview on this essential topic. Time has incredible value and people should live it to the fullest. Each person should spend time doing what they really want to do. We should spend it as wisely and efficiently as possible. In other words, we should always try to be as productive as possible. We should strive to use time for positive actions, fulfilling our desires.



The length of a person´s life – which again consists of time – of course depends on his habits, genetic predispositions and other factors. The way we spend our time is a matter of personal choice. Since it cannot be stopped, the only factor we can change is the way we spend it. Put differently, our life and our time is like a moving vehicle. It is only up to the driver though to decide whether to take the highway or a scenic route.

It is true and yet perhaps bizarre to say, but our time – be it a day, month or a whole life can either speed like a sports car on a race or it can cruise smoothly on a route surrounded by magnificent scenery. On the second path, we are able to perceive all the beauty and all the positive things in the world and thereby truly live our lives.

I am thinking about how people use material objects to express value. It is such an irony that real value and the most valuable commodity of our lives is our disposable time. Those material objects we consider more valuable than our time are certainly more tangible, yet our happiness does not depend upon them.

The time we share with our family, friends and relatives hides the real value and are the moments we cherish. Time has played a crucial role many times throughout history. Who knows how long the war would have lasted if Alan Turing didn’t crack the Enigma Code as early as he did? Perhaps the arrival of Mayflower to the New World would have looked differently if it sailed for a few more days. Be constantly reminded of your time on earth. It is truly the most valuable commodity.


Filip Orth


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