UnitedLife 05

Hurry up, we are dreaming

ponahlajte sa snivame

Soňa Zajačeková
Editor-in-Chief of United Life
Bratislava, Slovakia

I often enjoy asking people why they are grateful to be alive. How do they perceive the very reason of their existence, in other words why not kicking the bucket yet. Our passing nature is appalling; who wants to die? More often than not this is bare regret for time and energy wasted on anything else but pure joy.


Consciously or unconsciously we all ponder who we are as we become increasingly independent towards forces that once formed us. Outside pressures lose their intensity. We transform, discovering the vastness of paths and directions available.

My experience suggests, follow your joy. Participation in mutual giving and sharing, from a human to human, makes me experience it. An endorphin flood is an indication that speaks a clear language when I act in alignment with myself and towards a harmonious and functional whole at the same time.

I experience joy when writing and reading, sparkled by confronting opinions that open so many horizons. With respect towards the infinite ocean of opinions and beliefs that encompass our world, my joy has steered another tool into my hands – this magazine. It is a part of that ocean. And just like similar people attract, our readers and contributors constitute a vigorous and heterogenous blend that oscillates around an identical core: discovering who they are, service to others and building a world worth living in. Work transforms into calling when joy is followed. When our waking moments are spent on activities where our souls sings and our brains eagerly rub their hands with contentment, that is when we live and our communities blossom

Whatever it is you spend your life on in this very moment, I know it contains at least one aspect that brings you joy. However disproportional it may appear, its very presence is what counts. Follow that joy. If you strengthen that with focus and time, your work of art grows, evolves and gains momentum. I am often reminded how change seems to be the only constant. It bears hope, just like spring. May change be synonymous with growth and hope and therefore always be in our favor. May it be for our benefit and that of the world, because we and the world carry each other within. When I became editor-in-chief, I wanted to change the world.

Speaking candidly, isn’t it what we have been striving for all along – to change the world in ourselves and around? Well, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Press isn’t anything else than a voice. Not an individual voice though, it is a voice of multitude of people that both create and read this magazine. The creators believe in their contribution to others. If our life is a dream, let us dream it into magnificence. Existence is not a dream.


Soňa Zajačeková


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