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Finding your luck

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Whenever I take a look around a train station and see travelers in hurry, people rushing to catch their trains while they don’t see left or right, I always inadvertently think about how this mirrors our way of life.

Lisa Marie Black
(40) | Salzburg, Austria | Psychologist

Yet isn’t the choice of a train what our lives are mostly about? Why do we make certain choices? Where will the next train take us? And why do we struggle to get off at the next stop when we find out it is not our train anymore? Why is changing directions always such a strenuous task? We make choices every moment of our lives.

   Our reasons for a certain direction can vary. We are inclined to think we find our luck or our heart`s desire on this or that ride but sometimes we are forced to pick a certain direction due to external circumstances and not because of our own will. And some of us prefer to leave their decisions up to others and take every train that is recommended to them.

   Changing trains all the time or sitting on one being unhappy and dreaming about travelling by a whole another train is probably the worst. Can you see what I’m getting at? Have you ever wanted something so much and yet you weren’t happy when you got it? Have you asked why and how that is possible? Well, is it possible that your desires were not your own and the objects of your desires were in fact just representing the socially accepted ideas and ideas you were brought up with? In such case you either stay on that train, perhaps even feel satisfied, but never happy. You have just accepted being average.

   The majority of people live in mediocrity with tendency to complain yet without the ability to change their situation or dream of having a different life. Complaining and building dream houses are two well-known examples of being passive. But you can also decide to start finding out who you really are, where do you want to go and what your naked true self looks like. To venture deep down into your very core requires a lot of courage and sometimes you might even not like what you find there. It is however essential to take that journey because you won’t be able to ever know yourself and your true needs.

   Furthermore, if you embark on this journey, you will become capable of changing trains. Even though the new direction may seem challenging at first and you are likely to doubt your decision and feel a certain insecurity and longing after the old familiar train, it is always better to actively start walking towards your luck. After all, life is so amazing and offer thousands of options. Instead of trying them out we refuse to risk and maintain our status quo.

   We do so in spite of being desperate and frustrated. Choosing your train is actually very simple. It is your life and you make the rules, you pick your trains. It is your choice only and there is no one and nothing to fear. No one will judge you because all rules were made up by people to maintain a better control over trains. Don’t waste your time thinking why this or that is impossible. Don’t be passive and don’t let your comfort and safety zone turn you into a predictable, bitter, manipulable coward.

   Discover your naked true self and chase your dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live, just take the first step and the path will unfold itself. Don’t waste your life out of lethargy or fear. Be honest to yourself. Enjoy. And trust me, choosing a train or a direction and finding your luck is always only up to you.


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