Do I work with what I feel called to?

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Soňa Zajačeková
Editor-in-Chief of United Life
Bratislava, Slovakia

We were having coffee. Me and my former boss, a director, and currently my mentor. An honorary member of my imaginary Club of Inspiring Women who Open up New Horizons for me.


As usual, we discussed the meaning of work, employee status and talked about everything and nothing. Perhaps not a typical corporate canteen discussion, but all the more interesting. I would rather be beaten with a rock than bored to death by socially acceptable etiquette. I want to know how to manipulate quantum fields, not what financial results are expected this quarter or how the holiday in Croatia was (good, how else).

As usual, I brought up my pondering upon the topic vocation. Do I work with what I feel called to? Do I work on something, because I hear a deeper calling than the voice of financial stability? When I look at rows of people behind the corporate computer screens, I cannot but ask: Am I really the only one feeling there is more to life? And what will stay once I am gone?

I reckon she said something about children. However, mere reproduction as the meaning of life still bears a logical lapse for me. Something is missing.

So I am saying: yes, but not entirely.

Since what she is leaving behind, in front and on all sides is the legacy of good. She walks the world and sees the good in people. What their hearts are proud of. What makes their eyes shine. And by paying attention to it she brings it to the surface. And out to the world.

When faced with usual human imperfection I have never heard her speak harshly or act arrogantly from the position of one above. Never; not even in moments when even my emotions were reduced to simple ‘club the enemy’. She is not whining about shortcomings nor pointing them out; she offers possibilities and opens doors to a state where there is abundance for everyone. She understands the perfection of existence of other legacies.

When you comment on it, she just waves her hand. Essentially, she is right; a flower also blooms because it is its god given nature.

Our legacies are here to stay. They carry on in people you met in your life and even in those you have never met in person yet the charge of your words or acts reached them and caused something. The butterfly effect that causes a hurricane. Choose wisely.


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