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Theatre. Catharsis. Actors. Myself.


Why should we even go when we have the practical and legitimate option to stay at home, turning on the TV, internet, our Androids, films, TV series or tablets? How come going to theatre is more or less an oddity – something unusual and in extreme cases even truly original? Be it a drama, opera or ballet; Jane Eyre, Rigoletto or Angelika.

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Foto: Peter Brenkus pre SND



Art – they say – is a peripheral part of our lives – something that may not need support to the extent provided for say education, environment and healthcare. Yet art heals the soul. Actors as we know are so distant from our everyday lives. However, subconsciously we regard them to be role models, templates for our appearance, behaviour and social status. The paradox is that they are merely people as well. Who actually are the artists from our primary stage in real life? Where do they come from? What is their real path? Can anybody perfectly depict something as imperfect as inter-human relationships?




These people were born in the theatre while they were becoming one with their characters; they sweat blood, tears and sacrifice their own souls on the stage. Who is this Salome, who – in the bitter throes of passion and naïveté – summons with her body movements such cruel a death that Strauss‘ emotions overwhelmed human understanding? Romeo and Juliet, setting out to reveal the mystery of love which in the frenzy of devotion denies all conventions and reaches its climax in the sacrifice of life. The uttermost feeling. Sins of a father, striking the soul and conscience of children in Dostoyevsky’s magnificent piece The Brothers Karamazov. For they are only human too – full of pain, the past, hopelessness but also hope that paves the way for them. The way to something we can experience with them.


As the FrancoCuban writer Anaïs Nin once said: ”We travel, some of us for an eternity, to seek out new frontiers, new lives, different souls.“ There are actors, opera singers and dancers who walk on stage every day despite fatigue, despite having had a bad day or anything else. They do it to represent the world and breathe in the soul of character that teaches us to feel pain, joy, excitement and to set out on the journey that ends right where it begins. They teach us that the journey itself is the destination. The hero wins or loses to subsequently discover a deeper meaning, a learned lesson or a wider picture. This fantastic world evokes a certain supernaturalism, magic and mystery, in which the truth about the meaning of life resides. This way we are able to instantly see and understand the true nature of our journey or human existence in general. We find a treasure that we wouldn’t have discovered without giving in to feelings and the story – without undergoing the journey.


Do you belong to people who understand this exciting fact? Do you grasp the essence of this depicted, unrepeatable and exclusive experience that theatre presents? These people go to theatre, opera and ballet to experience and personify the story. A story that is intimate, deep and stays emblazoned in spirit and soul. They connect with actors, singers and dancers on a level of understanding. They connect with conductors, directors, musicians, playwrights and stage designers. They tap into human feelings. Try experiencing that on your next visit to the Slovak National Theatre.






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