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The 95the SND season launches with magnificent premiers


 In September the Slovak National Theatre is set to open its jubilee ninety-fifth season, in which our premiere stage is to host a repertoire extended by eighteen new titles – a third of which are to be staged by the SND by the end of this year.

   The first SND premiere in the upcoming season will be a staging of Midnight Mass. This play by one of the most significant Slovak playwrights of the last century – Petra Karvaš – takes place on Christmas Eve 1944. It does not celebrate war heroes, but examines in detail and analyses the attitudes and relationships of ordinary people towards the dramatic events of the end of World War II. Young artist Lukáš Brutovský received the opportunity to direct the play.sndpriemery2

   The Prague National Theatre, the Slovak National Theatre and Vígsínház Budapest on the occasion of the outbreak of World War I in 1914 created a common staging directed by the magician of modern theatre – the world renowned Robert Wilson. This unique joint production project fuses top Czech, Slovak and Hungarian drama theatre. Our first stage presents SND member Ján Koleník who – along with his fellow actors – tells a parable not only of 1914, but of most of our lives today one hundred years after the beginning of the terrible war which essentially started the twentieth century.

   Slovak and Slavic themes will resonate on the SND Drama stage throughout the 2014/2015 season. Inspired by the stories by Božena Slančíkova Timrava and the dramatisation of Daniel Majling’s production of The Ball, under the directorial baton of Michael Vajdička, right in front of our eyes in real-time the story of all the ‘buts’ that dramatise our lives is played out.

  sndpriemery3The prestigious Berlin Deutsches Theatre approached the SND to cooperate on the creation of a production of Will-o‘-the-wisp that was created by the Art of Ageing project initiated at the European Theatre Convention. The newly formed play from the pen of Georgian German playwright Nino Haratschwili can be seen through the prism of the meeting the worlds of two women – Natalie from Slovakia and Lara from Germany. The dialogues were written specifically for Slovak National Theatre actors Emília Vášáryová, Dušan Jamrich and German actress Gabriele Heinz.

  The Slovak National Theatre Opera on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Richard Strauss is to stage a musical drama – Salome – directed by significant German theatre personality: Hans-Joachim Ruckhäberlea, with music conducted by Friedrich Haider. This operatic transcription of the biblical story of John the Baptist and the stepdaughter of a Jewish monarch fully reflects the sultry atmosphere of the late 19th century.

   Our first ballet stage opens the SND jubilee season with Angelika, composed by Eugen Suchoň. To mark the occasion of the anniversary of his birth and death the ballet production is to be included in the fiftieth year of the Bratislava Music Festival.

   Mauro de Candia is to direct and choreograph Angelika.


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