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Multibrand, its projects and marketing activities

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Martin Viktory
Multibrand, s.r.o.
Bratislava, Slovakia

Media agency Multibrand is engaged first and foremost in the framework of the group United Group but it provides its marketing services to the other clients too. Credo of the company is to participate in projects which we are identified with and where we are convinced of the direction and meaning of the marketing activities.


We are in hard period when client consistently considers all investments to the advertisement and he perceives critically which way and on which projects his funds will be used. The current situation has also the positive contribution to client because there is a space for agreement when buying a media space. However, also by such agreements we do not forget on the responsible approach.

You can imagine it best so, that money from the client for purchase of advertisement are your and the wrong timed campaign is a risk you can not dare. But when you evaluate the confidence of the client well you will change it into something valued – into the partnership with the client. For example just now we have negotiated an advertising in holiday catalogue Leonardo for our client GANT.

Why did we decided for such business? Fair offer from the provider of advertising when he is aware of the nice and quality advertising will not demote the value of catalogue and the fact is interesting for the client, that clients who is the mentioned catalogue designed for, will surely come to choose some piece in which they will feel comfortably and trendy before the holiday. Campaigne AVIS lease is just proceeding in the news television TA3 in the framework of the group.


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