Modern Company Management


Juraj Šulhaň
AVIS Sales Director
Bratislava, Slovakia

Innovations implemented in company strategies can create a considerable competitive advantage and lead naturally to the transformation of the company. Change in the traditional running of a business can potentially impact its place on the market.


Originally published in United Life 10

Too much formality in the company decision making process often creates barriers to bringing about any ad hoc changes. Innovations in a modern business should not only come as a response to competitors’ activity, but should stem from plans and long-term strategies. If new trends are to be adapted in any way, it should happen fast and effectively enough.


Currently, strategy planning is influenced by forceful globalization, which means creating limitless business environment with potentially infinite number of competition. That is the reason why a company cannot focus only on what its competitors are doing, but it needs to bring innovative solutions ad nunc and move its segment forward.
Each company has to have basic attributes in place for its long-term running.


Company identity is very important, for the company itself, as well as for its employees, partners or competitors. Each of them – if they are familiar with the company identity and can visualize it – sees a strong and reliable player in the company.


Company culture is crucial for its further direction. It reflects how the company operates from the perspective of independent observers who see the workplace, leadership team decision making, prioritizing, dealing with internal issues etc. This is a testimony of the leadership that impacts people in the company passively, but in the same time, sends the signal to the external world about how firm the company roots are, how proud are the employees and how they promote the company with each communication. If we cannot feel a strong enough company culture, there is a high probability that people will not be able to identify with the company for long and will eventually leave. Employees undoubtedly have to feel motivated, enthusiastic and proud to be working for the company. Everyone should be aware that they spend about a third of their lives at work, and that is why it is important to feel at least well there.


Technologies, and implementing automatization across everything the business is doing creates firm foundation for future openings and steady growth. It is thus important for a company to put aside enough financial resources and space to implement systemization into what it is already doing and what costs considerable resources. Companies cannot do without resources optimization nowadays.


Applying strategic decisions is definitely demanding and very important from the perspective of the long-term running of the company. The objective is not to do too many changes in the same time, but to prioritize specific targets and decide what, when and how much action to undertake with regard to those targets.


Every manager should make decisions with an emphasis on being able to really feel what their customer or an employee needs and wants, and not to decide anything just ‘from the office’. It is therefore important that the company leadership is able to listen, discuss and make clear decisions.



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