To rent or to buy? FAQ about car rental


Juraj Šulhaň
AVIS Sales Director
Bratislava, Slovakia

“Modern thinking means looking for innovative solutions. MaxiRent meets this perfectly.”


If you are in the middle of deciding between owning your car fleet and leasing it, whether as a company or as an individual, or if you are thinking about car rentals, continue to read our interview.


Basically every business today sooner or later faces the question of its fleet. What do we have to have in mind when deciding?
The first important step is to answer the question how many vehicles does the company need to cover its current needs. It is necessary to gauge the fleet size optimally according to business development strategy.
How can we decide correctly about the fleet size? There are no certainties when it comes to business today.
We recommend our customers to prepare strategies and planning of their fleet in a way that enables them to be flexible and respond quickly to their company expansion and to the growing demand from their customers – which is sometimes quite difficult to predict. It is not very cost-effective to have a fleet that is too big.

Let’s say we already have an idea about the type and the number of cars. What should we think about next?
While deciding about the fleet, companies should realize that their main business activity is different from taking care of the vehicles. Most businesses, of course, need cars for their activities. Leaving car maintenance and upkeep to transportation services is an effective solution.


16,17_Large range of fleet


In your opinion, what is more profitable, to buy cars or to rent them? What is more cost-effective for businesses today?
Each company with the ambition to grow needs free funds for its further development. Owning cars is becoming too expensive and not economical. Purchase is a demanding process, not only because of the choice of the appropriate car and its configuration, but also because of the finances and accounting – in the majority of cases, alternative options are more cost-effective than purchasing and owning the fleet.

How do companies behave in reality? Where do failures, difficulties or bad decisions happen most often?
It is important to know the number and the type of cars the business needs, estimate when it will need them and correctly estimate the mileage for each vehicle. Last, but not least, payment discipline is also significant. When you buy a car, you lose flexibility. You have a car fleet, lot of work and responsibilities with its maintenance and it also creates a strain on human resources.

What is the optimal solution for an individual and for a business?
It is not right to recommend just one product – one size does not fit all. Each customer’s demands need to be assessed individually. In my opinion, MaxiRent from AVIS and AVIS Van Rental is a very modern product and a current trendsetter. It is AVIS response to the unmet demand of our customers.


MaxiRent is a modern tool of fleet management, targeting companies of any size, as well as sole traders and individuals. Its main strength lies in its flexibility and price conditions favorable for the customer. The customer commits to the 12-month rental with fixed services and a fixed price. Another important point with MaxiRent is that we only offer new cars; in that way the customer can avoid potential technical issues. One of the decisive factors when customers opt for MaxiRent is that the car is available immediately for temporary use, without wait and for a promotional payment, before their new car is delivered.



What is comprised in the monthly payment?
All common services, mainly registration fee, compulsory insurance and insurance against accidents, yearly motorway sticker, seasonal change of tires and their storage, road tax and others.

Short-term commitment, low monthly payments, new cars. Customers have to love this product. Can you name any of your customers for reference?
Customers today have high standards. Modern thinking means looking for innovative solutions. MaxiRent meets this perfectly. Aeromobil is a Slovak player within the global start-up community and they are using MaxiRent program to meet their needs.





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