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The mature youngster Renault Clio Grandtour

Renault Clio

Historically first combi version of the small Clio surprises on many levels – by size, design, engine features and driving experience.


   Few vehicles belong to the smaller combi segment, among them Škoda Fabia Combi, Seat Ibiza ST and our Clio Grandtour. Out of these three Clio has a modern look coming from the coach, front mask and interior features. Thanks to its design and affordability this charismatic vehicle proves be a strong competitor even for experienced players in the market.

   People either love or hate the modern design of new Renault. Renault partially unified its design across product families but kept the unique character of each model reflected in the distinctive details. Renault prefers being different over going with the crowd. There are more atypical design solutions that form the coach of Clio Grandtour and speak for themselves, such as the accentuated headlamps with visible branding placed in the middle of the mask, slightly lower back and an unusual use of plastic materials at the bottom part of the doors. The interior is another story, leaving no doubt that ergonomic and sci-fi were the key areas French designers focus on during brainstorming.

  Clio4 AVIS stables feature Renault Clio Grandtour with a 1.2 l gas engine, especially low operational cost and an impressive 75 horsepower. 5.5 l/100km fuel consumption makes Clio Grandtour an ideal choice for city lovers but also those who need to travel longer distances among most Slovak towns. The 1.2 l gas engine with a 5-gear manual transmission was brought to perfection with key focus on fuel efficiency.

   The interior of this small yet spacious vehicle has comfortable seating for four passengers and the front row can enjoy modernly designed cencenter console and dashboard made of a larger shiny surface with round edges with a color display using standard uniselectors and control buttons. The bold chrome design matches the bottom half of steering wheel.

In spite of being a mature driver’s vehicle of choice the Clio Grandtour succeeds to attract younger audiences with a multimedia color touchscreen including a CD/MP3 player, navigation, Bluetooth and safety features. Control buttons placed on steering wheel as well as electric windows and a central information display with a digital tachometer and air conditioning are standard.Clio5

   4 267 mm long and 1445 mm high Renault Clio Grandtour appeals even to a driver who would normally consider a hatchback too juvenile and small. A vehicle doesn’t get more spacious just by being called Grandtour, but this one is a winner in interior variability. With both rear and front passengers seat fold-down options, this more spacious version of Clio retains its typical sprinkle of driving fun and competitiveness and at the same time gives a more serious, mature and useful impression due to outstanding versatility not limited only to cargo space.


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