New Renault Grand Scenic. The Bar is Very High.


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

Futuristic design, advanced technology in the interior, high safety standards and a huge space for passengers and their luggage. The New Grand Scenic is a magnificent car, setting new standards for family vehicles.

Crossovers and compact SUVs, that effectively combine several car types in one practical unit, are becoming more and more popular and reach over to the MPV category. However, there is still demand for traditional family vehicles and the New Grand Scenic can undoubtedly take the first place among them.




The new generation of the Scenic series has not come as a surprise – as expected, it raised the bar in quality and equipment, offered modern interpretation of a family car design and in the same time came in two versions. The basic Scenic is in itself long enough, and the Grand Scenic is even longer by 9in (23cm), seating 7 passengers. The sophisticated way of folding the seats creates an exceptional load space in the boot where you can easily fit even a bigger piece of furniture.

Renault cannot praise its innovation enough. It talks about its revolutionary design, but we would stay with ‘evolutionary’ instead. Although it is true that compared to the last generation from 2013, the Grand Scenic is significantly improved which makes it a serious competition to other family MPVs with successful sales.




The Grand Scenic has seven seats, with the 60:40 split in the middle row. Still, it is not the traditional upholstered bench, the seats and the headrests are generous enough to give the impression of individual divided seats. To make it even better, a very attractive Multi-Sense option makes it possible to personalize the atmosphere in the interior.

The front part of the interior is designed for driver’s comfort, but all the controls can also be operated by the front seat passenger. Atypical center console is noticeably detached from the dashboard and comes with the vertically oriented display. Besides the R-Link 2 touch display it contains mechanical controls and the gear shift, everything in a modern simple design. The driver can enjoy the multifunctional steering wheel, electrically adjustable seat, substantial armrest with built-in storage space and a combination of analogue and digital indicators on the dashboard.




What is striking is that all versions of the New Renault Scenic are built on 20-inch wheels. Equally unusual for an MPV is the Emergency Brake Assist function and the pedestrian detection system as a standard feature. In fact, the New Scenic is the first. The system works for speed between 4 – 37 mph (7 – 60 km/h). The car sends warnings when the vehicle moves out of lane or when the safe distance is not observed and adjusts speed accordingly (adaptive cruise control), detects objects in the blind spot, helps the parking with the reversing camera and the radar and even allows an automatic hands free parking – the driver only needs to use the pedals. These are all prerequisites for autonomous driving, but in the MPV family they enhance the overall safety.

Today the market asks for environmentally friendly cars more than ever. The manufacturer adapts to this demand and offers the New Scenic and the Grand Scenic also with the hybrid engine, where the weaker electric engine assists the gasoline one. Scenic Hybrid Assist will not be charged by a cable, but will recover energy from regenerative brake and decelaration. For now, this hybrid version is not available from car sellers in Slovakia; here, the New Renault is offered with gasoline engines TCe 115 and 130 and diesel engines dCi 130, 160 and 110.





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