New Renault Clio


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

“The design already is the biggest proof that the carmaker is trying to rouse the interest namely of the younger audience and to provide them with besides a certain extravagancy a full value experience from driving of a modern vehicle.” 

   At the car rental firm AVIS you can encounter the newest generation of car the Renault Clio available this summer. Also in spite of the new Clio being categorized in the economy class, an extensive range equipment of a high standard will assist the driver whilst driving.

   The new Clio is an extraordinary marked car which you will recognize in traffic immediately. The massive black horizontal band connecting the front lights with the big Renault logo in the middle is so unique that you have no chance of confusing it with any other car. The design alone is the biggest proof that the carmanufacturer is trying to rouse an interest from namely the younger audience and to provide them with a certain extravagance and a full value experience from driving of a modern vehicle.

   Targeting the younger drivers becomes obvious as soon as you enter the cockpit. The interior style is very rich in materials and colours, many of the traditional buttons are replaced by a touch LCD panel with multicoloured virtual icons of a system called Media Nav. This system is designed not only for work with multimedia and navigation as its name already indicates but it enables you to adjust the settings of the vehicle
and to connect it to a phone through the net Bluetooth.

   Suporters of the modern auto-moto technologies will be delighted to find daily LED lights that come as a standard with Renault Clio as well as cruise control, seat heating and complete navigating software. Drivers who care about the environment will value the driving mode ECO, which is possible to activate in the car by pushing a single button. In that instant the noisy city hatchback becomes quiet, cultivated and a ecofriendly car.

   At the car rental firm AVIS, you will find the new Clio with 1.2- litre petrol engine TCe and 6- speed 2- clutch transmission. Performance of this small engine reaches up to 88 kW, or 118 bhp which can make the conspicuous hatchback a pirate of the roads – albeit that the driver will have to show courage to exploit the full potential of the car.Others will be satisfied that their Renault Clio will not leave them in trouble when overtaking and joining the motorway.

Erik Stríž

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