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New Kia Cee’d


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

“Kia Cee’d does not act as sports car nor a prestige saloon. It is the happy, moreover economical and aesthetic medium.”

The latest Kia Cee’d has radically changed in comparison to the old model. It has been given a more aggressive face, its bonnet has visualy sunk, and its long sharp lines on the sides have become typical. The new Cee’d is not the car which Slovaks fell in love with. Despite this, it would be wrong to claim that the Kia has took the wrong direction. Just the opposite.

   The new Kia Cee’d is on offer by our car rental firm AVIS as the only one of the “Compact” type, however the level of equipment, tehnological advances and the level of safety for the passengers are of a high standard. The Kia Cee’d has a 5 door version, a performance of 100 bhp,air-conditioning, 6 airbags and a reliable manual transmission.

   The present generation of Cee’d‘s is designed for the young and more experienced drivers too. The less experienced driver will appreciate a car that can respond promptly to possible dangerous situations and acheive coming to a stop on its own. In event of emergency braking, the progressive ABS ASR will help acheive this. It will also aid a dynamic driving style. An experienced and moderate driver prefers on the other hand calm, decenc on the roads, high level of comfort and graceful activity of an engine – these are all provided to the driver and comes as standard on all Kia Cee‘d models. The new flexible Cee‘d has an average combined fuel consumption of 6 litres used for every 100 km.

   However the most important thing about new Kia Cee’d is that it does not act as a sports car nor as a prestige saloon car. It represents perfectly the middle class of cars where there is no place (nor money) for luxury or even a higher specification versions of a car . The happy, moreover economical and aesthetic medium.

Erik Stríž


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