New BMW 5 Series is reaching for the automobile Mount Olympus

TITULKA BMW-5-Series-2017-1600-04

Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

The times when the BMW 5 Series were seen as an eccentric mid-size luxury sedan are long gone. David Arcangelli’s extravagant design was replaced by Adrian van Hooydonk’s more genteel aesthetics in 2010 and the new 5 Series, internally called G30, continues in his tradition, while significantly drawing on crucial design principles represented in the 7 Series limousine. To the untrained eye, these two cars could be mistaken for each other, they are so much alike.


A driver with experience in BMWs will not be shocked by the interior, because the changes are mostly evolutionary and natural. What was newly innovated is the steering wheel, the center console with the display and the on-board computer. However, everything stayed where it was placed years ago; the automatic gearbox shift kept its attractive modern shape – and we immediately feel that we are sitting in a BMW.



From all the attractions in the interior, let us mention the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound audio system; the Ambient Air climate control system which can ionize the air or diffuse fragrances from special holders in front of the passenger seat; first class sound proofing; multimedia Professional interface with a DVD player for the rear seats; iDrive with the 10-inch display; massage seats or ambient interior lightning. BMW, however, managed to squeeze much more onto less than 54 square feet (5 square meters) of a sedan or a hatchback.

For the driver, the most important is on-road performance and safety that in the 5 Series reaches the imaginary Mount Olympus; although we could say that about the whole car. The fully graphic head-up display contributes to the overall safety, together with hand-gestures controlled iDrive and the Intelligent Voice Assistant progressive voice system (for readers in Slovakia: the system does not support Slovak language for now). We cannot leave out the automatic lane keeping assistant, the active protection from a side collision with the automatic emergency breaking and the automatic avoiding maneuver. According to BMW, the car starts the maneuver only when the sensors detect enough space to execute it. It is nevertheless an exceptional breakthrough in active car safety, with life-saving potential.



Thanks to the Efficient Lightweight construction the new car is lighter by 220lb (100kg) compared to its predecessor; the 50:50 balanced axle load distribution and the Integral Active Steering is combined with the xDrive system. What is surprising is, that the door has only 13lb (6kg) together with hinges, which is almost unbelievable. Axles with 5-link suspension and double wishbones; the wheelbase increased to 116.9in (2975mm). Front track is 63.2in (1605mm), rear track is 63.3in (longer by 3mm). Standard wheels are 17-inch, but 20-inch are also available.



The 5 Series has always represented the best of what a car maker can offer, and it is still true today. It brings together the above-standard comfort, dynamic sport performance and integrated progressive technology in a perfect harmony. Differences between limousines and more luxury sedans are becoming smaller and smaller and a 5 Series sedan – as well as a hatchback – can be configured in a way that will easily surpass the limousines.






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