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The most economic diesel from Honda


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

 “The engine i–DTEC 1.6 from Honda is very pleasant surprise to the professional driver too. The experience from driving Civic is now supported by beautiful low consumption.“

Honda introduced Civic wit the engine i–DTEC with cylinder capacity of 1.6–litre this year. Besides the pleasant performance it offers an uncommon low consumption which did not exceed 5 litre on 100 kilometres combined during our test.

   In spite of the appearance of new Civic which makes an impression of some stylish assertiveness, there is only 1.6–litre engine under the bonnet. It is compared with 2.2–litre contemporary variants a big step back. However, even if the formal parameters are whatever this 1.5–litre diesel can also excite the passengers and at the same time to keep a beautiful fuel consumption.

   The topical appearance of vehicles Honda Civic is closer to a common customer who does not like sci–fi design. Just this is typical for the previous generation which caused commotion on the European market. The topical keeps the position of an avantgarde, new is the taking into account a conservative customer. An interior of Honda Civic stayed practically the same, it is futuristic, markedly much of plastic reveals lower production costs. This plastic however does not have a character of cheap material – a surface of plastic moduls is adapted to not look cheap and it provides a high level of comfort to the driver and passengers. The seats are solid, comfortable, with a marked side leading and we appreciate the extensive possibilites of position setting. All three levers designed for position setting are easy to access and their functions are obvious already by the first use.

   The technical equipment of interior in tested version of a car contained 2–zone air–conditioning, simple cruise control, LED lights for daily lighting, automatic light regime, USB connectivity of music system, futuristic design of information desk behind the wheel and colour display. We have to praise also “one–click” engine stop START/STOP, good sound of built–in audiosystem, very well adjusted parking sensor with an excellent picture also at night. The praise is deserved also for searchlights which are typical for Honda. 5–speed manual transmission is excellency graded, torque curve is balanced and turbo starts to take the bait by approximately 1500 revolutions.

   The price for new Civic starts at about 13,000 euros. By this price it is needed to take into account that engine of this car really has a potential to save your money for driving fuel, you will have any problems with 477 litre boot, even if picking up your friends at the airport from a long holiday and last but not least you have to think of 5–star crash rating of the vehicle in safety tests from Euro NCAP.

   We thank to the company Honda Motor Europe Limited Slovensko for car lend.

Erik Stríž


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