Maserati Enters the World of SUVs in Style

Maserati Levante (2)

Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

You will probably agree when we write that Maserati Levante has been one the most expected SUVs ever. Over the long time the company had been announcing the model, expectations rose high. Today it seems that the Italians succeeded in offering discerning customers a splendid car with superb design that will not be easily overcome by its competitors.

Levante is a harmony of sportiness, emotionality, effective design and practical bodywork craftsmanship. It wants to be luxurious, brave and ready to master every situation with the greatest of ease. That is what the automaker says, based on Levante’s technical features that include all-wheel drive system, eight-speed automatic gearbox, petrol and diesel 3.0-liter engine V6 and lots of options for personalization.


Maserati Levante (1)

Levante is being noticed by people who never considered Maserati before, because they have not found sports cars attractive. SUV’s practicality is appealing to this completely new target group for Maserati and ranks Levante alongside Ghibli, Quattroporte, GranTurismo and GranCabrio as equal fully-fledged model.

Do not be mistaken by photos. Levante really is an SUV, not a crossover, as it might seem. 5003mm (16.4ft) long and 2158mm (7.1ft) wide (side mirrors included) it can still park in cities, and the chassis with five height settings and Q4 AWD can master a moderate terrain. We do not think anyone would take Maserati on inaccessible mountain roads, but Levante should easily manage a trip to a weekend cottage. The wheels parameters are 255/60 ZR18. Big trunk is a bonus, but coming with the very idea of an SUV.


Maserati Levante (4)

Anyone who already sat in a Maserati will know that the Italian brand pays extraordinary attention to interior details. Passengers are surrounded by prestige and great comfort, with sportiness remaining a priority. What distinguishes Levante from other models of the same brand is unrivaled space. We have had the honor to try Levante in person and we have to confirm, that it is very difficult to get out of it – we are not talking ergonomics here, but the feeling how Levante pulls you in and holds on to you – and you do not need to sit in a driver’s seat for that. The back seats are not just an upholstered bench, but fully-fledged armchairs with electronic controls.

Maserati Levante will have petrol and diesel engine, both V6 with displacement almost 3 liters (3000cc). Both engines will offer double turbochargers, with power outputs ranging from 250hp to 430hp.


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SUVs are not a period whim; original cars from the beginning of the 20th century were bigger than most of the contemporary ones. The growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers forces manufacturers to reconsider their opinions and approach and look for inspiration in what Porsche did with Cayenne several years ago. German brand entered then a completely new category of cars and it turned out to be the right move. We cannot be surprised if Jaguar or Maserati want a similar model in their portfolio. The next thing to wait for now is an SUV from Ferrari…


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