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GLK: Affordable SUV from Mercedes


  In general it applies that to afford SUV from Mercedes you have to know how to work excellency with money or to get a capital for free. Latest GLK slightly modifies this rule.

   The new Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 CDI costs namely only about 39 thousand euros including tax, what is at least compared with all other SUV vehicles of this producer. For the cheapest variant with all-wheel drive 220 CDI 4Matic with an 7G-Tronic automatic transmission you will pay another more than 4 thousand euros, however it is still very reasonable and affordable choice.

   Renewed design

   The basic version of new GLK keeps the good and nice from the previous version. Mercedes decided according to pattern of other models to slightly curve and soften the sharp edges, thanks to that the new GLK looks more elegant and less aggressive. However, it still shouts to the world expressly that it belongs to the family of better Mercedes.

   Compact SUV lies with body

   Mercedes-Benz GLK is often mistakenly categorized to the same class as BMW X3 and Audi Q5. In fact, it is closer to the lower class where the dominant is BMW X1 and Audi Q3, eventually Range Rover Evoque. With a bit of exaggerating I could compare the space in GLK to those in the C class sedan.

   It is caused first and foremost by the size which categorizes this SUV among the smallest in the market. The car is 4 536 mm long and 1 840 mm wide, so two passengers do not feel the freedom which is typical for M class or even GL. However, it can not be said that the new Mercedes does not provide a comfort of the first-rate. If you have driven any other car of „less valuable“ producer until now, you will be enthusiastic from GLK. The weight of the car without a load reached to 1 888 kg.

   Top driving qualities

   More-components axle, independent hanging of wheels, wound springs, doubled gas damper with system SDD in front and in the rear and of course the progressive all-wheel drive with an electronic traction system 4ETS – this all participates in fantastic driving qualities of the car. Driving the new GLK is accompanied by the real joy of drive also because in relatively small compact vehicle you obtain an experience comparable with the drive in bigger SUV. The car does not lack the ability to easily handle the exacting obstacles with the need of brisk axle flexibility, at the same time it provides a pleasant experience of driving in urban environment.


   Interior as in luxury CLS

   An interior of the car also waited to see the changes in important innovations. The space where driver works is conspicuously similar to new CLS and C interiors. It connects the elegancy with reasonable level of sport beautifully, whereupon the producer laid an emphasis on the direct interaction. Therefore the materials used for the production of covering the wheel and control elements are of premium character and the touch with them does not evoke the unpleasant feelings. In a big rate the chromium is used, the soft plastic imitating the leather and hard synthetic imitation of wood.

   An arrangement of the control elements is however the same as in previous version, so the driver with an experience with another car from Mercedes will not  be surprised. A parking brake and its mechanic unlocking lever remain also henceforth on the left under the wheel within the reach of left foot – unusual, however for Mercedes a typical solution. Also the system COMMAND presented on the big colour display did not go through the marked modification at first sight, so even the fans of the existing system will not get lost in it.


   Perfect SUV to the town?

   Mercedes-Benz GLK is still the old good mercedes which we all are used to. However, it will not deny the effort to be progressive and the adjustment to supporter of an active lifestyle placed to larger towns, where also the SUV category requires a certain level of compactness.


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