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Full potential of Rapid Spacebacklives up to its ambition


Škoda Rapid Spaceback cannot be compared with the standard Rapid in spite of sharing the same family name because it falls in a category on its own.

Along VW Golf, Seat Leon or Peugeot 308, the Spaceback is classified as a budget hatchback which is questioned by some experts. After a test drive we had to admit that the ambitions of Rapid Spaceback mirror the practical potential of the car.

   A compact version of Rapid build on a hybrid platform (identical with VW Polo and the older Octavia model) with width of 1705 mm and length of 4304 mm exceeds its competitors. Remarkable 415 l booth space is one of the strengths of this vehicle, although compared to Rapid it is smaller by 135 l. These are however only official figures and it always comes down to the real experience – which was in this case amazing. With the rear seats down, the booth sizes up back to its original 1380 l.

   Rapid Spaceback is targeting a wide customer range from younger customers looking for a dynamic drive to more senior clients who appreciate the spaciousness but not the look and targeting of Fabia Combi. New design matching the look and feel of new generation Octavia series has the potential to attract customers who previously didn’t consider the Czech car producer in their choices.

  Rapid3 Current design trends are mirrored in the interior that pleasantly surprises you by its elaboration and comfort of plastic materials in addition to countless tiny storage spaces. High-tech fans will appreciate a set of multimedia and communication systems, a visually attractive design of the reversed instrument panel with a monochromatic display and a sound system that will immerse you in the sound with a high bass quality. Rapid obviously cannot compete with premium brands when it comes to sound quality, but the sound system and soundproofing are definitely comparable to upper segments brands.

   The hatchback has seating for four passengers including driver as there simply isn’t enough room to accommodate a third passenger at the back. There is sufficient knee and headroom, a clear advantage for a car in this segment. Nevertheless the level of comfort of rear seats has to be criticized. You could get disillusioned if you expect a Rapid4pleasant and comfortable ride for hundreds of kilometers. The seats are uncomfortable and identical with those used in Fabia models and the seat angle is worlds apart from the cushioned seats in limousines. Rapid Spaceback wasn’t made for extremely long drives and the level of comfort offered while travelling out of town is standard.

   Rapid Spaceback doesn’t promise anything it can’t deliver. It attracts active drivers with a preference for modern design, fully equipped interior and low operational costs who have faith in the local brand. After driving this vehicle we can honestly claim its potential lives up to its ambition.


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