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Brand new Peugeot 308



   If you like revolutions and radical evolutions in car industry than you will be definetely impressed by new Peugeot 308. Peugeot simply breaks everything what characterized it up to now, but it changed that “everything” to better.

   Fresh youthful image

 P4  Design of the car body, headlights and also the silhouette of car radically changed compared with previous generation of car. Despite of car is still called 308, it could be equably called 309 by the producer. In past he chose just so logical graduality by each new generation. It is a paradox especially seeing that it is concerned the most significant generation change in the history of model series 300.

   Peugeot 308 is elegant, balanced, it ideal represents an actual design concept of the French producer. A meaningful part of the face of new 308 are front headlights created from 62 LED diodes together, each from 31, which add to the car an image of a technological delicacy.

   New level of compactness

   New generation of cars Peugeot 308 weighs only a bit more than one ton. The basic petrol version weighs only 1 075 kg and the basic diesel only 1 090 kg. Peugeot 308 is then the lightest model in its class. Even though the capacity of the boot has increased by 120 litres to incredible 470 litres! Probably the only which competes to new Peugeot is Honda Civic. The length of a car reached 4 253 mm, it is 1 804 mm wide and not even 1,5 metres high. Also thanks to combination of progressive materials, light engines and compact size, the car is able to keep an excellent drive characteristics.

   Revolution under the bonnet

   Peugeot 308 enters the market with five engines and for the first time in history it will be offered also with the economic 3-cylinder engine. The basic petrol atmospheric 3-cylinder 1.2 VTi (60kW) will be supplemented by two turbos 1.6 THP (92 and 115 kW), diesel variants will be 1.6 HDi with performance of 68 and 85 kW. In the spring 2014 an offer will be expanded even by petrol 1.2 e-THP (81 and 96 kW) and diesel aggregates 1.6 BlueHDi (88 kW) and 2.0 BlueHDi (88 kW) and 2.0 BlueHDi (110 kW) with the injection of an ingredient AdBlue. The engines will be combined with 6-speed automatic transmission Aisin.P5

   Interior in style of i-Cockpit

   The new generation of cars in series 308 is a representative of an ergonomic concept i-Cockpit. Its task is to provide the driver all elements needed to control the car within easy reach. Thus a thick steering wheel has a diameter of only 35 cm, a head-up display 9.7 inch touchscreen and well arranged graphic of dials behind the wheel are present.A big touch surface does not serve only for mediation of multimedia but also for control of air-conditioning and supplementary functions of the car.

   Safety and assistance packets

   Peugeot 308 is catching up the start of competitor also in the field of the assistance systems. The packet of driver support Driver Assistance Pack contains the warning before the collision, automatic braking in collision situation and radar cruise control, parking camera, monitoring of blind spot in mirrors, active parking assistant and also unlock without key and starting or electric parking brake with the function of hill-holder (braking by the start to hill).

P6New Peugeot 308 turned out well

   The French finally showed that it is ready to produce not only nice but also functional and engine-able cars. Peugeot 308 could without exaggerating become a serious competitor to Volkswagen Golf or Opel Astra and I am personally convinced that after a test drive most of prospective customers will decide for it.


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