BMW 730d xDrive: Keyword is modernization


Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovakia

The new BMW 7 Series is more comfortable, fuel-efficient, sport and luxury. Munich bet on modernization and innovation, not on revolutions and that is probably why the result of their work succeeded.


It is not an easy task to beat a success of the previous generation of sedans 7 series. Car company with the seat in Munich essentially influenced the world of luxury cars and in consequence there were lot to expect from its new generation. In the result we can see an advanced car which advantages are much more essential than only false grossing up of comfort or prestige materials included in interior.

BMW 730d (2015) (photo: Erik Stríž)

BMW 730d (2015) (photo: Erik Stríž)

But model series 7 is  is still also about comfort and luxury. In the testing model 730d with the xDrive we met with extensive interior upholstery and we can label the seats and arm rest as the world’s best. Or they can be categorized at least to the top three, which still reaches the position of the world’s best sedan: Mercedes-Benz S Series and Audi A8 together with BMW 7 series.

Motorization 730d is not the top in configuraton, however it offers a great rate of performance to consumption and it has a really sophisticated manifestation. A diesel engine with the capacity of  2993 cm3 and maximal performance of 195 kW has the fluent start and quiet running, an average consumption is by modest drive under 5 liters per 100 km.


Key features:

Engine: 2993 cm3
Performance: 195 kW (265 CP)
Consumption in city: 6,1 l/100km
Consumption out of city: 4,6 l/100km
Average consumption: 5,2 l/100km
Emissions CO2: 137 g/km


Drive on BMW 730d (2015) is first class. In the common running (so in the Comfort mode) the engine responds sophisticated, sensitive and fluent. Sometimes it is even a bit slower but the stronger pushing of the accelerating pedal gets the long sedan to moving immediately and the feeling of rapid speed up does not end even after reaching the 100 km/h speed. In the driving mode Sport the reactions of engine markedly accelerate, chassis is a bit harder and whole character of sedan changes almost into sport car.  

On the contrary, an ecological/economy mode does not have a very essential influence on behavior of the car, its task is in the first place to inform a driver about charging or discharging  of batteries and if the immediate consumption keeps the lower numbers. If we see it from any point of view, the presence of ecological driving mode in BMW 730d is not as potential as we probably expected.

In the course of year 2016 there will be also the versions with additional electric engine in sale and this 7 series will be labeled as a plug-in hybrid. Its fuel consumption should be at the level of about 3 liters per 100 kilometers of drive.


BMW 730d (2015)


Technological innovations

Significant part of promotion of new model 7 series is the reminding of its technological forwardness and ahead of the competition. Really, the new BMW 7 is full of technology, if it concerns safety, driving qualities or comfort.

A possibility to regulate a car according to own ideas contributes a lot to the comfort. With the help of touch screen interface you can regulate also the interior colouring. It is fascinating that you can regulate an atmosphere in interior fully according to your will.  

Interior is full of displays, in the full equipment you can find five. Interesting is, that in front of the wheel is display instead of analog indicators. It is well readable even if the sun is directly shining. There is another display between two back seats in the arm rest, it can be even taken out – it is the tablet brand Samsung with the touch screen and special background.

Also interesting technological innovation typical for the newest generation of BMW 7 series are premium laser headlights, regulation of multimedia and navigation system by hand move, fantastic head-up display with the coloured graphic and practical navigation advices, combination of carbon materials with steel and aluminium in car body, seats with the possibility of massage and ventilation, panoramatic glass roof Sky Lounge and markedly above standard acoustic brand Bowers & Wilkins.


BMW 730d (2015)

BMW 730d (2015)


Smart key

A key from sedan is markedly big and it will attract an interest by an unusual function – it involves a coloured touch screen. BMW named it the smart key and besides the standard functions it offers a possibility to recognize a position of car and even to regulate it. Really, the car is possible to regulate in the direction forward and backward also without sitting in a car.

It is a help in the case when you need to get off the car and park on the place where is litlle free space. The responds of  a car on such regulations are slower, probably the sensors installed in car always try to check the surroundings at first. Moreover, when you try to direct the car forward even if there is no free space in front of the car, it stops on its own. There is no danger that you can damage your car because of your own distraction.  


BMW 730d (2015)



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