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UnitedLife the media, whose main objective is to create a better world.

Soňa Zajačeková
Editor-in-Chief of United Life
Bratislava, Slovensko

Vladimír Orth
United Group, s.r.o. ׀ founder & CEO
Bratislava, Slovensko

Erik Stríž
Project manager, editor
Bratislava, Slovensko

Martin Viktory
Multibrand, s.r.o.
Bratislava, Slovensko

Peter Bobik
Bratislava, Slovensko

Prof. Ing. Peter Baláž, PhD.
Bratislava, Slovensko

Mgr. Mária Synáková
Psychology & Non-profit sector
Bratislava, Slovensko

Filip Orth
Student at Santa Clara University, Freelancer
Bratislava, Slovensko

Prof. Ing. Peter Hubinský, PhD.
Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics (IRC), STUBA

Stephen Baldwin
CTO Livepage, Inc.
New York, USA

Anthony A. Achmat
Co-owner of Managers-inc.com.

Juraj Šulhaň
AVIS Sales Director
Bratislava, Slovakia

Peter Fritz
Creative professional, traveller and luxury lover
Bratislava, Slovakia